"Life is one big Improvisation." - Tom Hall



Free Improvisation: A Practical Guide

Excerpts from Free Improvisation: A Practical Guide, watch videos and examples, or tune in to one of the hundreds of videos demonstrating these ideas.

ImprovLive 365


Explore the hundreds of concert videos, interviews and instruction from Tom Hall's ImprovLive 365 Web Series and share in the community of improvisors.

Improvisation in Life


Tom's blog about all types of improvisation.  Our blog explores everything from gardening, music, corporate adaption and idea management.



What is Improvisation?

Improvisation is the process of combining the knowledge and skills we possess with the possibilities and materials available in the moment, and spontaneously creating something. From the moment we're born until the moment we die, from the most creative artistic endeavor to the most mundane action, it is an inextricable part of human life. 

Life is one big improvisation, and we are all master improvisers. - Tom Hall